Food Review: Cocoa Loco

By Laura

Cocoa Loco are crazy about organic chocolate. Their online shop offers a wide range of gifts for all occasions, including Brownies, Cookies, Gift Jars and so much more.

Can’t Help but Be were lucky enough to be sent a box of goodies to review, and so, for the sake of our readers we indulged in a chocolate tasting session of massive portions.


The package arrived beautifully wrapped in yellow tissue paper and the chocolate was present well in clear cellophane with stickers bearing the Cocoa Loco logo, product name and ingredients list.
It was hard to know where to start, as everything looked, and smelled so good…after much deliberation we dived in and went for:

Cocoa Loco Buttons


We were sent a bag of the milk chocolate variety, which cost £4.99 (inc delivery) for 140g. The buttons also come in a white chocolate pack, and dark chocolate (which is vegan friendly).

The website states that these are “100% scrumptious” and we agreed whole heartedly. The chocolate was incredibly smooth and not too sweet with a rich quality that meant you couldn’t eat the whole pack at once (despite us trying!). We first tried them at room temperature, and then out of the fridge. Either way, these were a gorgeous treat perfect for children and adults alike.

Organic Chocolate Bites; Dark Chocolate, Hazelnuts and Cocoa Nibs


These aren’t yet available on the website, only in shops but they were too good not to include in the review. The dark chocolate was pleasingly bitter, with a crisp sweetness from the nuts and cocoa nibs. If you like dark chocolate then this is the treat for you. We preferred them straight from the fridge for some extra bite, but they work well served at room temperature as well.

Handmade Organic Chocolate Bar (milk and orange)


Cocoa Loco do a large range of Handmade Chocolate bars with flavours ranging from simple milk, plain or white through to the more obscure white rose geranium. We sample the milk and orange bar, which (as do all the bars) weighed in at 100g and costs £4.99 inc delivery.

The chocolate was superb, Cocoa Loco clearly know their stuff, and the orange flavour was mild. This was another very pleasing product, our only complaint was that the bar was very thin so wasn’t as satisfying to eat. Still, none went to waste and we very much enjoyed this. Again, this would be the perfect present for all ages and there is certainly something for everyone flavour wise.



This was another product not listed on the website, which is a shame as it is divine and I want more of it! The bar was very generous in it’s serving size and perhaps we should have split it in to two portions! There wasn’t much chocolate present but it made a fantastic afternoon snack and the addition of nuts really made the bar.

I must add that we were also sent a brownie to review, however it didn’t last long enough to be reviewed….it was amazing though!

Chocolate Orange Bites


Another product not yet available online, and another orange themed chocolate. These were probably the star of the parcel we received! A stronger orange flavour than the bar and a much chunkier bite, these lasted all of thirty seconds between three of us once opened and we’re still dreaming of them days later. Incredible. These need to be on sale everywhere, pronto.

White Chocolate and Chilli Bites


Again, not listed on the website, but there is a white chilli chocolate bar available (£4.99). These are certainly not for the faint hearted. Gorgeous, rich white chocolate with the flavour of the chilli gradually building up in to a quite intense heat. A gorgeously grown up gift, preferably to yourself.

So, on the whole, not one bad product,

the website is well worth a visit as it showcases the full range of bars and gifts available and tells the story of the company, their ethics and the people who work there.

It’s quite clear that a lot of love and passion for all things chocolate goes in to making each and every piece and the staff are welcoming and open to enquiries about the range, and non-online stockists.

With thanks to Cocoa Loco for providing us with the chance to sample their gorgeous goods! We will definitely be placing an order in time for Christmas.


5 responses to “Food Review: Cocoa Loco

  1. Becky Francis

    You have not come close to heaven if you have not tasted Cocoa Loco’s chocolate!! Amazing stuff … and the owners are actually quite decent people too!
    Great gifts as it is presented beautifully, environmentally friendly packaging and lovely to send to friends.

  2. oh… yum! :))

  3. Oh wow. Looks so yum.

  4. Looks brilliant! I agree that Cocoa Loco is amazing, how funny that we were both sent items to review 🙂


  5. I don’t know If I said it already but …This blog rocks! I gotta say, that I read a lot of blogs on a daily basis and for the most part, people lack substance but, I just wanted to make a quick comment to say I’m glad I found your blog. Thanks, 🙂

    A definite great read..Jim Bean

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