Gift Guide Part One: Chocolateque


With Christmas fast approaching; 73 days if we’re being exact, if you haven’t already started shopping for gifts you soon will be.

We’re going to give you a helping hand by showcasing small businesses, putting together guides for specific family members and friendship groups and tracking down gifts to suit all budgets. From high fashion to hand made, you’ll find it all here.

Today we are kicking off with Part One, in which we introduce you to the online retailer of delicious sounding chocolates, made by Frederic Blondeel Belgium based company Chocolateque.

Frederic is famous in Belgium and abroad (especially in Japan) because of his exquisite skill to combine texture and flavour.
Can’t Help but Be are most tempted by the following:

  • Crispy Vanilla Caramel (Cralin M)
  • Sweet and Salty Green tea (Green Tea M)
  • Wasabi combined with Dark Chocolate (Wasabi F)
  • Pepper and Spicy Chilli (Charles Hot F)
  • Earl Grey (Earl Grey F)

For details of all the flavours available, visit the website, here

The chocolates are available in a variety of presentations for perfect gifts,
The boxes of chocolates start at 14.50 Euros for 250g (approx 25 chocolates) and are beautifully put together

ballotin_caramel  Caramel box

Also available are the beautiful looking Orangettes and Citronettes costing 6.95 Euros. We are most intrigued by these and think they would make a beautiful addition to any festive get together.

organgetes Orangettes

Chocolate bars are also in the range, but are currently sold out, but due to be re-launched with new packaging by the end of October.

All Chocolates are shipped via courier straight from Belgium
Postage to the UK costs £9 per order, which may be a little expensive for some, but given the rave reviews and great reputation of the company and chocolates, we think this is a small price to pay for an indulgent treat or gift for someone you love (or yourself, of course!)

Check out the website today and see what tempts you the most

You can also follow Chocolateque on Twitter for up to date news and coupons.

Already tried these chocolates?
Any flavour you especially like the sound of?

Get in touch, we love to hear from you!

(stay tuned for the next gift guide, coming soon)


4 responses to “Gift Guide Part One: Chocolateque

  1. Looks very yummy!


  2. oooh la la…..
    chocolate is my weakness.

  3. Really like this site, would you mind if I link to it from my blog?

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