Food Review: The Ginger People



“The Ginger People is the leading brand of ginger in North America. With state-of-the-art ginger factories in both California and Australia, we take pride in being the most innovative, quality-oriented and environmentally conscious ginger producer in the world.”
Their products are also available in the UK, from places such as Holland and Barret, Julian Graves and independent health food shops.

After getting in touch with the kind folks at The Ginger People after reading a press release from them, I was lucky enough to be sent a box of samples to review. Here are my thoughts:

004 Gin Gins hard candy was the first product I sampled,
From the website these are described as "Double strength hard ginger candies made with all natural ingredients. Enjoy as an after dinner digestive or a throat lozenge to both warm and soothe.”
Both the box (bright yellow with the ginger people logo) and wrapper are eye catching and attractive. The sweets are individually wrapped making them perfect for popping in your pocket or bag. The ingredients list is reassuringly short: cane sugar, glucose syrup, ginger and three sweets contain just 35 calories.

The taste? Fantastic. Strong, but not too strong ginger and not too sweet. I had a cold when I tried these and they really did soothe my sore throat and provided a warm feeling against the Autumn chill. I now keep a handful in my handbag for when sore throats, or nausea strike, or I just fancy a  taste of winter.

001 Next up to be tasted was Gin Gins Boost “Gin Gins BOOST is a super-delicious, super-soothing candy packed with a whopping 30% fresh ginger – our most potent candy yet!”
Again these came attractively packaged and individually wrapped. The ingredients for these are:  cane sugar, glucose, ginger, modified cassava starch, non-hydrogenated palm kernel oil (trans fat free), salt, soy lecithin and they contain the same calories as the hard candy.

Were they strong? Yes! But not too strong for this hardened ginger addict. These sweets are slightly chewy with a deeper taste than the original Gin Gins, a little reminiscent of some kind of toffee, without the jaw breaking stickiness.  As promised, these were fantastic whilst travelling (I tested this by reading a book in the car, an activity that usually brings about much nausea) and again, I keep a handful in my bag.

002 Moving on to the Ginger Chews, I firstly tried the original version. These are bigger in size than the Gin Gins and the packaging is slightly more muted in it’s colouring. “America’s #1 selling ginger candy and winner of Fiery Food Association’s Scovie Award for "Best Candy," our Original Ginger Chews are natural, stimulating and delicious. Given ginger’s queasy-quelling properties, Ginger Chews are great to fight off nausea while flying boating or going on a bumpy road trip. Surprisingly and satisfyingly spicy. The only candy that bites you back!”

These chews are 20 calories a piece and just three ingredients: cane sugar, ginger, tapioca starch. They are also gluten free and all natural.

Taste wise, this have a good ginger kick and a fantastic stiff, almost jelly sweet like texture. Wonderfully addictive the box didn’t last long once opened and I am thankful that the Julian Graves near me keeps these in stock!

003 By far, my favourite variant from the range was the Peanut Ginger Chew.
”Like the coveted cashews in a bowl of mixed nuts, Peanut Ginger Chews are the first ones to disappear first from our company candy dish. Our delicious peanut ginger candies are reminiscent of those chewy peanut treats from our childhoods. Peanut Ginger Chews capture the gentle sweet heat of ginger and the nutty goodness of peanuts. Beyond yummy, ginger and peanuts are also rich in antioxidants. Satisfy your warmest and nuttiest desires with these exceedingly pleasing candies.”

Again, each chew contains 20 calories and the ingredients are: cane sugar, ground peanuts, ginger, tapioca starch. CONTAINS: Peanuts.

These were just fantastic, they had a richer, darker taste than any of the other products, and having never tried ginger combined with peanut, I was wonderfully surprised at how well the two worked together. These are definitely one to track down if you are a ginger fan, they make the perfect Autumn sweet treat.

Other products in the range include ginger drinks, cooking sauces and crystallized ginger.

They seem to be a bit elusive to track down in the UK, but I’ve done some searching and found the full range of Gin Gins and Ginger chews on by searching for “the ginger people”, you’ll also find products available here Hopefully other online retailers will soon start stocking them! For US readers, you’ll find these treats widely available online.


One response to “Food Review: The Ginger People

  1. Glad to see that I am not the only one who is totally addicted to the delicious taste and heat of ginger. Personally I love to eat it every single day….completely raw. I have about a cup full during the duration of the day, although my partner is beginning to get worried about the large amounts that I consume on a daily basis. I am actually in the process of trying to find out if my type of addiction is dangerous in anyway… It has become worryingly addictive. What do u think?

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