Gift Guide Part Two: Granddads


Granddads can be hard to buy for- let’s face it they often spoil their grandchildren rotten; and trying to find a gift that shows how much they mean can, at times be quite a feat. However, here at Can’t Help But Be we have done some of the hard work for you, so you can be inspired when it comes to shopping for your Granddad this Christmas.

Is your Granddad the sort to spend hours pottering around his garden, or greenhouse? Well, there are lots of products you can buy to make the perfect present for his green fingers.

If you are on a budget then how about putting together a little gift bag of goodies. Include a new pair of gardening gloves to protect the sensitive skin from the elements (and accidents!) This pair are from  and cost from £3.45


If you live in the USA, then why not go for a pair of these nitrile gloves? They may look light but apparently fit like a second skin, available online at priced at $6.95 and in a wide variety of colours ,these are definitely a must have


Along with the gloves how about a packet of seed markers? Perfect for the forgetful gardener who loves to propagate his own crop. 50 seedling markers all neatly bundled together for £2.95 is the perfect gift


If you are in Australia then we rate these copper markers, they’d make lovely ornaments too. Available from


Some packets of seeds are the ideal way to finish off his gift. Available from all garden centres and many online stores you could choose from his favourite plants, some fruits and vegetables or even a tree. A gift that will carry on giving for years to come.

If your Granddad isn’t quite as active in the garden as he used to be but still loves the great outdoors then why not treat him to a day out to a RHS or yellow book garden. The yellow book is produced annually with the National Garden Society- they open gardens for charity and you know you’ll be in for a treat as each garden is thoroughly tested and inspected before they make it into the book. is your one stop call to find the garden that is either closet to home or specialise in your Grandpa’s favourite element. You can walk around the garden, take photos and chat and then stop for an afternoon tea- a lovely treat and an opportunity to spend some quality time together.

Head here if you live in Australia for the newly released 2010 guide and likewise you and your granddad will have a day to remember.

For the book loving Granddad there is a whole assortment of lovely goodies to spoil him with.

There are a lot of books that touch people’s hearts but how lovely would it be if you could treat your Granddad to one of his old favourites that he hasn’t read in years? Maybe a book from his childhood, or a new copy of a worn out favourite. He will be so pleased to have the chance to dive right on in again. And with or listing almost every book you could ever want the possibilities are endless.

If he already has all the books he could ever need then how about some book accessories? Bookmarks come in all sorts of shapes, sizes and price ranges and always go down well.

On a budget, then why not go for this adorable handmade bookmark that you can have personalised with one or two initials from folksy. We at Can‘t Help But Be love to champion independent sellers where we can and with good like this it‘s clear to understand why (just click on the link to buy)


For other handmade bookmarks check out Etsy, we especially love this bookworm design, priced at a reasonable $8.95 (click to buy)


If money is no object then this elegant silver page marker is our absolute favourite, see this and more at unique gift heaven (costing £38.50)


If books and bookmarks seem too ordinary to you, then don’t fear. There are allsorts of gizmos available to help make reading even more enjoyable- from flexible torches to magnifiers with lights and thumb turners.

Is your Granddad in a nursing home? If so it can be difficult to think of gifts to get him that would enrich his days, here are a few suggestions.

If the room he is in has a window then the ideal gift is a birdfeeder. Hanging one from the window will not only help the birds by keeping them fed through the winter months but will also provide a lovely opportunity to see the wildlife up close and personal, even if bed bound. Be aware that some areas are prone to the grey squirrel (like we are!) and so you should invest in a squirrel proof feeder, if you are squirrel free then choose whatever style takes your fancy. If they have a room on the ground floor then we suggest going for a standing feeder on a pole; that way it will attract a lot of birds as some can feed on the stand and others prefer to pick up the scraps- this is a steal at £9, again from


If they are on a higher floor and you have a squirrel problem then I suggest going for a squirrel proof feeder like this;


also from gardensupplies

This design stops the squirrels from getting to the food and also allows a lot of little birds to feed together.

If they aren’t into nature then what about a colour changing light? They are perfect for those who can’t use speech and other normal ways of expressing themselves. As a collector of lamps I can honestly say that Mathmos provide wonderful lamps, and not just lava lamps. One of my favourites is the space projector- aim it at a wall or the ceiling and you get a projected image slowly rotating, you can go simple and opt for ink circles that, as the lamp warms up  heat and merge and blend into one another, or you can put up pictures that you know they will like. The lamps are available from quite a few places. The Mathmos online store is international if you have trouble finding a stockist.

The one pictured is just one of many options for the projector.


Another favourite is the mood changing light by Phillips. It comes with a remote control and has an amazing colour wheel, light intensities and brightness. If your Granddad has lost the power of speech it can be a way for them to help display how they are feeling, and with the remote being touch sensitive and very simple it’s a winner all round.


Does your Granddad have a sweet tooth, or perhaps a favourite type of cheese, or wine? Well then our top idea is to make up a personal box, stocking or bag for them with their favourites in. You can be as creative as you like, and when it comes to a budget you can really bring a smile to their faces whether you spend £5 or £50. If you are shopping on a budget then don’t worry- your hamper can still look a million dollars, with a little bit of elbow grease the personal touch can go a really long way.

For example, if your Granddad likes sweets then why not buy his favourites online? most online candy stores have excellent offers- no need to pay extra for packaging just order what you know they like. Then, when they arrive make use of old jam jars, milk bottles etc (ensuring they are cleaned out well) and pour in the sweets, tie up with Christmas ribbon and make a personalised label for the jar- it’ll go down a storm.

Same goes for biscuits and other sweet treats- making your own and packaging them up in cellophane bags with ribbon really keeps costs down and gives you extra brownie points. There is plenty of time to get practising if you are a novice in the kitchen- if you’re more of  a pro then go wild, from fudge to home made chocolates, let your Granddad be your inspiration. There is a whole array of cooking sites to help you in your baking quest, one of our recent favourites is

For packaging supplies hit cake craft shop  and for worldwide try here.

As for the hamper- you can go as simple as wrapping a shoe box in paper, to a wicker basket or even a toolbox!

It doesn’t have to be sweet of course- how about spoiling him with a selection of the cheese that he likes and some crackers and maybe some pickles? Or a wine selection, ones that perhaps are produced in your local region.

If your Granddad lives alone then you can start to stock up on miniature items, such as jams, mustards, pickles, coffee and tea- spoil them by making life a little bit easier for them!

If you don’t want to make one up yourself, have no fear, there is a wide variety of products out there that look homemade!
This basket of lovely is £21.95


And this is a whiskey lovers dream, at £74.95 it’s packed to the brim with goodies


Both of these, and many more are available at hampers gifts.

If your Granddad enjoy making things how about a model kit that will keep him amused and out of trouble for days! You can opt for the more traditional boat kit, such as this one below


available from either model supermarket or for worldwide, here.

If your grandfather is young at heart this wonderful Wallace and Gromit airfix kit is guaranteed to make anyone smile!


available for worldwide delivery at the modeller, or try searching through eBay or Amazon.

The kits have all they need included so no need to worry about glue or tools.

We really hope this guide gives you some idea of what to buy for your Granddad.

Please get in touch with us if you feel we have missed something out, there is another hobby you want us to cover, or you have any questions or general feedback. We LOVE to hear from our readers.
Either leave a comment on the post, or drop us an e-mail.

Stay tuned for more gift guides.


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